AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2019-12-13updating contact infoJoshH100
2019-08-22removed extraneous '\'JoshH100
2019-08-22cleanup pkgbuildJoshH100
2019-08-20updated to new site/url, building against openmotif, updated for new tar ↵JoshH100
structure (joy)
2019-04-09SRCINFO updatehoffer.joshua
2019-04-09updated PKGBUILD to compile with modern glibc versions (post-sunRPC change), ↵hoffer.joshua
increased gcc optimization level, retained /opt install directory
2017-03-15update SRCINFOCUI Hao (Lab)
2017-03-15update to 44R4CUI Hao (Lab)
2017-01-07fix bugs in PKGBUILDCUI Hao
2017-01-07initial commitCUI Hao