AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-04-05Update 21.4.2Yizheng Hu
2021-03-28Update 21.3.26Yizheng Hu
2021-02-04Fix StartupWMClassYizheng Hu
2020-11-19UpdateYizheng Hu
2020-11-19UpdateYizheng Hu
2020-11-19UpdateYizheng Hu
2019-03-09Add Licenses & Update version to 9.3.5Ye Shu
2018-06-12Bump version to 8.5.28Aaron Fischer
2018-03-21Add the correct dependenciesAaron Fischer
2018-03-21Fix indentationAaron Fischer
2018-03-21Rewrite the complete package and bump it up to the newest versionAaron Fischer
2017-07-25Try to change pkgver to latestAshwin Vishnu
2017-06-25Update depsAshwin Vishnu
2017-06-25Version bumpAshwin Vishnu
2017-02-01Update .SRCINFOjadelord
2017-02-01Add chrpath to makedepends. Thanks to rig0rmortisjadelord
2017-01-30Move extractions to prepare hook. Remove unnecessary deps. Remove insecure rpathjadelord
2017-01-04md5sums provided with debian package works nowjadelord
2016-07-26Add gitignorejadelord
2016-06-19Update version. Internal checksums still wrong.jadelord
2016-04-28Update shasums for versions md5sums not working.jadelord
2016-03-24Wrong md5sums in the Debian pkg.jadelord
2016-01-07Cleaner PKGBUILD, less depends, dynamically update version and checksumsjadelord
2016-01-06Move sources out of if elsejadelord
2016-01-06Proper installation of iconsjadelord
2016-01-04Better install fileAshwin Vishnu
2016-01-04Better make dependency than dpkg, include dependencies, improved install filesAshwin Vishnu
2016-01-03Fix bug : _filename variable was undefined in last commitjadelord
2016-01-02Properly added sources for diff archs.jadelord
2016-01-02Initial importjadelord