AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-06-05Update to 8.17.2Amish
2022-11-14Rebuild with OpenSSL 3 and Fix cyrus-sasl bugAmish
2021-09-14Rebuild against
2021-08-19Fix provides to sendmail=8.17Amish
2021-08-19Update to sendmail 8.17.1Amish
2020-07-06Update to 8.16.1 with DANE supportAmish
2020-04-04Cosmetic change to covscan patchAmish
2020-01-12Fix issues discovered by Coverity scan from rhbz#1602689Amish
2020-01-12Enable IPv6 and fix for obsolete RES_USE_INET6Amish
2020-01-12Enable some features of future release (FFR)Amish
2020-01-12Modify service files. Support sendmail service reloadAmish
2019-03-03Switch from /var/run to /run. PKGBUILD fixesAmish
2018-05-23Update to 8.15.2-7. Do not overwrite statistics file on update.Amish
2018-05-22Update to 8.15.2-6Amish
2018-05-22Update to 8.15.2-5. Minor sasl fixes.Amish
2018-05-22Update to 8.15.2-4. Use site.config.m4 and remove unnecessary flags.Amish
2018-05-21Update to 8.15.2-3. Drastic changes and simplification of PKGBUILD.Amish
2015-08-11new maintainerThomas Berryhill
2015-07-09Update to 8.15.2vlad
2015-07-08Initial importvlad