AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
5 daysbumped to version 5.19.0-10682BOT
2020-03-11bumped to version 5.18.1-9930BOT
2020-02-27bumped to version 5.18.0-9470BOT
2020-02-20bumped to version 5.17.2-9349BOT
2020-02-01bumped to version 5.17.1-9246BOT
2020-01-30conflicting with other go packageRicardo (XenGi) Band
2020-01-29bumped to version 5.17.0-9112BOT
2019-12-19bumped to version 5.16.1-8521BOT
2019-12-17bumped to version 5.16.0-8438BOT
2019-12-17fixed varsRicardo (XenGi) Band
2019-12-17bumped to version 5.16.0-8438BOT
2019-11-29changed to debian source packageRicardo (XenGi) Band
2019-11-29bumped to 5.15.0-7782Ricardo (XenGi) Band
2019-09-19bump to 5.13.1Ricardo (XenGi) Band
2019-08-23updated to 5.11.1Ricardo (XenGi) Band
2019-07-12updated to 5.11.0-4888Ricardo (XenGi) Band
2019-05-18bump to 5.7.0Ricardo (XenGi) Band
2019-05-07bump to 5.6.0Ricardo (XenGi) Band
2019-04-22bump to 5.5.1-1756Ricardo (XenGi) Band
2019-04-10bump to 5.5.0Ricardo (XenGi) Band
2019-01-29bumped to 5.1.1Ricardo (XenGi) Band
2018-12-29initial dumpRicardo (XenGi) Band