AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-05-20Replace cgal-headers=5.3 to cgal=5.4kikislater
2021-09-20Update to 1.4.0 (CGAL 5.3 dependency)kikislater
2020-12-01fix license and buildAndrew Sun
2020-11-29correct license field to LGPLAndrew Sun
2020-10-02fix versionAndrew Sun
2020-10-021.3.9Andrew Sun
2020-06-291.3.8Andrew Sun
2019-06-03sfcgal: update to 1.3.7Andrew Sun
2019-06-01sfcgal: update to 1.3.6Andrew Sun
2016-04-06Update to 1.3.0Hannes Gräuler
2015-11-16Update .SRCINFOHannes Gräuler
2015-11-13reset pkgrelHannes Gräuler
2015-11-13Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// Gräuler
2015-11-13Update to v1.2.1 which compiles with CGAL 4.7Hannes Gräuler
2015-09-24Update to 1.2.0Hannes Gräuler
2015-07-05Update to 1.1.0Hannes Gräuler
2015-07-05Specify library install dir (thx meierphi)Hannes Gräuler
2015-07-05Initial commitHannes Gräuler