AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
11 daysPost splitted repositoriesredtide
2023-05-06Source used git submodulesredtide
2023-05-05Splitted packagesredtide
2021-08-23Update and fix not foundJean Pierre Cimalando
2021-04-30Update with puredata externalJean Pierre Cimalando
2021-04-17Bump version, default release build, libsndfile removalredtide
2021-04-15Provides libsfizz.soredtide
2021-02-27Added Pango dependencyredtide
2021-02-22Bump version, added zenity depredtide
2020-07-06Update to add VST / move licenseJean Pierre Cimalando
2020-01-31Add jack dependency for standaloneredtide
2020-01-24Update to new sfizz codebaseredtide
2019-06-17Added AppStream support.redtide
2019-06-16Added .gitignore, updated icons from repo.redtide
2019-06-16Updated version.redtide
2019-06-06Added conflict with the sfizz package.redtide
2019-06-05Removed unused Makefile replacement.redtide
2019-06-05Updated project URL.redtide
2019-06-05Added missing LICENSE installation.redtide
2019-06-05Updated project URL, replaced makefile replacement with SED edit.redtide
2019-06-05Updated icon path.redtide
2019-06-03First commit.redtide