AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-05-15add bc as dependebcyAriel Lieberman
2022-05-15bumb pkgrelAriel Lieberman
2022-05-15add bc as dependebcyAriel Lieberman
2021-03-07update .SRCINFOAriel Lieberman
2021-03-07fix srcdir nameAriel Lieberman
2021-03-07Dowload correct version from github instead of masterAriel Lieberman
2018-09-16add .SRCINFOAriel Lieberman
2018-09-16capetelize skipAriel Lieberman
2018-09-16Upgrade to 1.7Ariel Lieberman
2018-09-14fix wrong checksumAriel Lieberman
2018-09-14LICENSE name issue fixed upstream revet it patch upgreade to rel 4Ariel Lieberman
2018-09-14fix wrong naming of LICENSE fileAriel Lieberman
2018-09-14Upgrade to 1.65-2Ariel Lieberman
2018-09-14Fix wrong src dir nameAriel Lieberman
2018-09-14Upgrade to version 1.65Ariel Lieberman
2015-06-23Initial importJohn ShaggyTwoDope Jenkins