AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-12-13pkgbuild: upgrade to 0.9.0-1Silvio Fricke
2022-02-16pkgbuild: add contribute addresse for this PKGBUILDSilvio Fricke
2022-02-16upgrade to 0.8.0-3Silvio Fricke
2022-02-16pkgbuild: remove whitespace in package functionSilvio Fricke
2022-02-16pkgbuild: change conflicts explicit and add some more potential conflicting c...Silvio Fricke
2022-02-16pkgbuild: make me to maintainerSilvio Fricke
2022-02-10upgpkg: shellcheck-bin 0.8.0-2Magnus Boman
2021-11-07upgpkg: shellcheck-bin 0.8.0-1Magnus Boman
2021-04-20upgpkg: shellcheck-bin 0.7.2-1Magnus Boman
2020-07-12shellcheck-bin: clean up pkgbuildMagnus Boman
2020-07-12add global .gitignoreMagnus Boman
2020-05-02Renamed from shellcheck-static and updated to 0.7.1Magnus Boman
2015-09-07Initial commit.Eric Berquist