AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-04-01Fixed building .mo locale filesPhoton89
2021-01-30Update to 0.95Photon89
2020-06-26Updated upstream URL to httpsPhoton89
2019-06-12Update to 0.94.3Photon89
2018-09-10Update to 0.94.2Photon89
2018-09-09Update to 0.94.1Photon89
2017-08-17Fixed sha sum of tarballPhoton89
2017-08-16Update to 0.94Photon89
2017-02-16Finally a patch which completely fixes the second instance crash!Photon89
2017-02-16Fix typo in .SRCINFOPhoton89
2017-02-16Fix typoPhoton89
2017-02-16Added perl-net-oauth optional dependencyPhoton89
2017-02-16Updated dependency list and added a patch fixing LP#1469840, an error when us...Photon89
2017-02-03Now properly implement unicode patchPhoton89
2017-02-03Included better patch for the unicode problemPhoton89
2017-01-28Fixed dependenciesPhoton89
2017-01-28Added patch fixing imgur uploadPhoton89
2017-01-24Added patch fixing the crashes when starting a second instance of ShutterPhoton89
2017-01-24Move package from the [community] repositoryBalló György