AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2019-07-10Update to Python3. Move pip installation to build().willemw12
Update build steps. Update makedepends (see Dockerfile). Install .git folder. Chown only installed files. Run service in virtualenv. Change service type from forking to simple.
2018-12-15Update URLs from GitHub mirror to git.sickrage.cawillemw12
2018-08-11Update program name from to SiCKRAGE.pywillemw12
2018-08-11Change source protocol from git to https. Cleanup messageswillemw12
2017-04-04Move python2-notify to optdepends. Colored install messageswillemw12
2017-03-02Make 'data' folder before migrationwillemw12
2017-03-02Split installed and configuration files into 'app' and 'data' folderswillemw12
2017-02-20Several updates...willemw12
Add optdepends Add --nolaunch to ExecStart Update install messages: "conflicting files" upgrade warning, etc. Update "conflicting files" comment Update user and group management
2015-12-12Undo WorkingDirectory fixwillemw12
2015-12-12Undo WorkingDirectory fixwillemw12
2015-12-12Set WorkingDirectory. Fixes unrar extract and cleanup.willemw12
2015-12-04Change 'Restart=' from 'always' to 'on-success'willemw12
2015-11-02Remove autoProcessTV python patch (patch error)willemw12
Minor cleanup. Add instructions to resolve file conflicts during upgrade
2015-08-25Added depends: python2-makowillemw12
2015-06-09Initial commitwillemw12