AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-08-18Version 3.85trizen
2019-05-19Version 3.80trizen
2019-03-24Version 3.70trizen
2019-01-07Version 3.60trizen
2018-10-14Version 3.50trizen
2018-07-31Version 3.19trizen
2018-07-04Version 3.18trizen
2018-05-31Version 3.17trizen
2018-05-05Version 3.16trizen
2018-02-17Version 3.15trizen
2017-12-08Version 3.10trizen
2017-11-04Version 3.05trizen
2017-10-06Version 3.04trizen
2017-08-28Version 3.03.trizen
2017-06-06Version 3.02trizen
2017-05-10Version 3.01trizen
2017-04-23Version 3.00trizen
2017-04-04Version 2.37trizen
2017-03-02Version 2.36trizen
2017-01-30Version 2.35trizen
2016-12-24Version bump to 2.34trizen
2016-12-07Added build() and check() functions.trizen
2016-11-13Update for 2.33trizen
2016-11-11Updated license to Artistic2.0trizen
2016-11-11New dependency: perl-math-prime-util-gmptrizen
2016-10-13- Changed the installation path of the main `sidef` file. It now installs und...trizen
2016-09-09Version bump to 2.31trizen
2016-07-29Version bump to 2.30trizen
2016-06-01- Version bump to 2.26trizen
2016-05-27update to 2.25trizen
2016-03-24- Version bump to 2.24trizen
2016-03-07Version bump to 2.23trizen
2016-02-08- Version bump to 2.22trizen
2016-01-14Version bump to 2.21trizen
2016-01-05Version bump to 2.20trizen
2016-01-01Math::GMPf is no longer requiredtrizen
2016-01-01Math::MPFR >= 3.29 is requiredtrizen
2015-12-27Updated dependenciestrizen
2015-12-24Version bump to 2.13trizen
2015-12-11Version bump to 2.12trizen
2015-11-24Version bump to 2.11trizen
2015-11-21Updated the required version of Perl.trizen
2015-11-05Added "perl-math-bigint-gmp" as optional dependencytrizen
2015-10-31Version bump to 2.10trizen
2015-10-22- Updated to include share files.trizen
2015-09-17Version bump to 0.10trizen
2015-09-06Version bump to 0.09trizen
2015-08-03Version bump to 0.08trizen
2015-07-08Version bump.trizen