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10 daysUpdate to
2023-03-11Update to
2023-03-03Upgrade to
2023-02-16Update to
2023-02-03Update to
2023-01-27Update to
2023-01-27Update to
2023-01-06Update to
2022-12-09Update to
2022-12-01Update to
2022-11-25Update to
2022-11-16Update to
2022-10-26Update to
2022-10-06Update to
2022-09-29Update to
2022-09-17Update to
2022-09-15Update to
2022-08-31Update to
2022-08-31Update license infothienandangthanh
2022-08-31Update maintainer infothienandangthanh
2022-08-24Update to
2021-08-08update to Rubacha
2021-07-26update upstream versionJack Rubacha
2021-06-04Update package with CDN source to keep from failing checksumJack Rubacha
2021-03-31Added contributor, updated build to x.7639mvnsio
2021-03-26Implemented patch file from grueneerlemvnsio
2021-03-24Switch to libu2f-hostmvnsio
2021-03-23Updated pkgrelmvnsio
2021-03-23Removed KEYDATAmvnsio
2021-03-23Fixing KEYDATA EOF errormvnsio
2021-03-23Added icon installationmvnsio
2021-03-14Initial pushJonathan Clark