AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
6 daysBump version to 0.10.33Adam Goldsmith
2022-08-25Bump version to 0.10.32Adam Goldsmith
2022-08-11Bump version to 0.10.31Adam Goldsmith
2022-08-04Bump version to 0.10.29Adam Goldsmith
2022-08-04Bump version to 0.10.28Adam Goldsmith
2022-01-31Bump version to 0.10.27Adam Goldsmith
2021-12-15Bump version to 0.10.26Adam Goldsmith
2021-11-19Bump version to 0.10.25Adam Goldsmith
2021-08-16Bump version to 0.10.24Adam Goldsmith
2021-08-13Bump version to 0.10.23Adam Goldsmith
2021-05-14Bump version to 0.10.21Adam Goldsmith
2021-05-08Bump version to 0.10.20Adam Goldsmith
2021-02-17Bump version to 0.10.19Adam Goldsmith
2020-11-21Add android-udev dependencyAdam Goldsmith
2020-10-29Bump version to 0.10.18Adam Goldsmith
2020-10-20Bump version to 0.10.17Adam Goldsmith
2020-10-14Bump version to 0.10.16, update URLAdam Goldsmith
2020-09-12Bump version to 0.10.14, switch to new download locationAdam Goldsmith
2020-07-20Add .desktop file, add symlinks for iconsAdam Goldsmith
2020-07-19Bump version to 0.10.11Adam Goldsmith
2020-05-17Update to 0.10.7BeeJay
2020-04-09Update to 0.10.2BeeJay
2020-01-26Update to 0.8.7BeeJay
2019-07-11Initial importBeeJay