AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-10-24Bump up sift 0.9.0-1Javier Tiá
2016-02-09Bump up sift v0.8Javier Tiá
2016-01-06Bump up sift v0.7.1Javier Tia
2016-01-04Bump up sift v0.7.0Javier Tia
2015-12-23Bump up sift v0.6.0Javier Tia
2015-11-17Bump up sift v0.5.0Javier Tia
2015-11-02Bump up sift v0.4.1Javier Tia
2015-10-16Bump up sift v0.4.0Javier Tia
2015-09-30Change .SRCINFOJavier Tia
2015-09-30Bump up sift v0.3.4Javier Tia
2015-09-23Bump up sift 0.3.3 rev 3Javier Tia
2015-09-23Bump to shift v0.3.3 rev 2Javier Tia
2015-09-21Bump to shift-bin v0.3.3Javier Tia
2015-09-14Build instead of copy static binariesJavier Tia
2015-09-13Bump to sift v0.3.2Javier Tia