AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-12-16Update to 0.6.2AsamK
2018-12-09Update to 0.6.1AsamK
2018-05-03Bump to 0.6.0AsamK
2017-06-17Update to v0.5.6AsamK
2017-02-19Update to 0.5.5AsamK
2017-01-30Update to 0.5.3AsamK
2016-12-20Update to v0.5.2AsamK
2016-12-03Add asciidoc build dependencyAsamK
2016-11-18Update to v0.5.1AsamK
2016-08-29Update to v0.5.0AsamK
2016-07-19Update to v0.4.1AsamK
2016-06-19Update to v0.4.0AsamK
2016-04-28Add sh dependencyAsamK
2016-04-03Update to v0.3.1AsamK
2016-04-02Fix building in clean chrootAsamK
2016-04-02Update to v0.3.0, package renamed from textsecure-cli to signal-cliAsamK
2016-03-01Remove jars from package where a separate package existsAsamK
2015-12-31Update checksumAsamK
2015-12-31Fix small issuesAsamK
2015-12-31Update and install systemd serviceAsamK
2015-12-31First commitAsamK