AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
3 daysIncrement pkgrelBrandon Clifford
10 daysUpdate depends to replace xorg-font-utils for xorg-mkfontscaleBrandon Clifford
2019-04-06Update to latest upstream and install the bdf instead of the pcfBrandon Clifford
2019-01-15Update to latest on master and add xorg-xset to dependsBrandon Clifford
2017-01-04Update pkgver for README changes to parent repoBrandon Clifford
2016-05-10Update to correct licenseBrandon Clifford
2016-05-10Update project to include project LicenseBrandon Clifford
2016-05-08Update package source github repo locationBrandon Clifford
2016-05-06Add install for viewing glyphs (bradst)Brandon Clifford
2015-10-15Update SRCINFO with changesBrandon Clifford
2015-10-15Update to latest revision from GithubBrandon Clifford
2015-08-13Initial CommitBrandon Clifford