AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-07-15Updated to Beta 11.1-2Ian Hernández
2015-07-09Updated to Beta 11.1-1Ian Hernández
2015-07-08Updated to Beta 11.0-2Ian Hernández
2015-07-07Updated to Beta 11.0-1Ian Hernández
2015-07-07Updated to Beta 10.2-1Ian Hernández
2015-07-06Updated to Beta 10.1-2Ian Hernández
2015-07-06Updated simple-text.installIan Hernández
2015-07-05Updated to Beta 10.1Ian Hernández
2015-07-04Updated to Beta 10Ian Hernández
2015-07-02UpdatedIan Hernández
2015-07-02Updated to Beta 9.5-2Ian Hernández
2015-07-02Versioning corrected!Ian Hernández
2015-06-30Updated to Beta 9.9-4Ian Hernández
2015-06-29Updated to Beta 9.9-3Ian Hernández
2015-06-24Updates!Ian Hernández
2015-06-09New release.BadWolfie
2015-06-08Migrating to AUR 4, initial commit.BadWolfie