AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
9 daysbump to 5.7.2Guillaume BOEHM
2024-04-27bump to 5.7.0Guillaume BOEHM
2024-04-02Add !debug build optionGuillaume BOEHM
2024-04-01Remove useless sed stepGuillaume BOEHM
2024-04-01Added fuse2 make dependencyGuillaume BOEHM
2024-03-26bump to 5.6.0Guillaume BOEHM
2024-02-25bump to 5.5.5Guillaume BOEHM
2024-01-10bump to 5.4.3Guillaume BOEHM
2024-01-05debug: prompt on each stepGuillaume BOEHM
2024-01-04debug: Added prompts in package()Guillaume BOEHM
2024-01-04fix: use checksum in source name to avoid redownload of identical fileGuillaume BOEHM
2023-12-30fix: use pkgver in pkgname to avoid check failsGuillaume BOEHM
2023-12-28feat: bump to 5.4.2Guillaume BOEHM
2023-11-25bump to 5.4.0Guillaume BOEHM
2023-09-29fix: update srcinfo as alwaysGuillaume BOEHM
2023-09-29fix: updpkgsumsGuillaume BOEHM
2023-09-28fix: update checksum for 5.3.1Guillaume BOEHM
2023-09-28feat: bump to 5.3.1Guillaume BOEHM
2023-09-23push SRCINFOGuillaume BOEHM
2023-09-23Remove useless depsGuillaume BOEHM
2023-09-23Initial commitGuillaume BOEHM