AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-05-19Remove webkit dependencyKillerBean
2022-03-04Upstream moved locales to qt subfolderKillerBean
2021-11-13Fixed path location and maintainer's mailKillerBean
2021-02-04Fix missing icon and desktop fileKillerBean
2021-02-02Fix upstream path changeKillerBean
2021-01-17Fix patch sha256KillerBean
2021-01-17Mention original submitter in PKGBUILDKillerBean
2021-01-17Fix configs/provides packagesKillerBean
2021-01-17Fix data pathKillerBean
2021-01-17Delete git suffix from binary and package pathKillerBean
2020-05-12Initial releaseSamuel Kogler
2015-07-14Update checksum for desktop file.Samuel Kogler
2015-07-14Fix desktop fileSamuel Kogler
2015-07-14Fix pkgver functionSamuel Kogler
2015-07-14Change to git versionSamuel Kogler
2015-07-14Rename package to simulationcraftSamuel Kogler
2015-07-14Import to aur4 and update to 620-02Samuel Kogler