AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-10-05added SRCINFOGuillaume Binet
2021-10-05Adapted the tmux PKGBUILD to sixel-tmux.Guillaume Binet
2019-12-20Revert last change and actually fix license locationWorMzy Tykashi
2019-12-20Fix license locationWorMzy Tykashi
2019-08-19Make pkgver increment, add utempter flag, syntax fixesWorMzy Tykashi
2017-12-29Updated url to use https, ver bumpWorMzy Tykashi
2016-01-29Remove examples dir and bash completionWorMzy Tykashi
2016-01-02Remove tmux.vim file install lineWorMzy Tykashi
2015-06-12Copied from non-gitWorMzy Tykashi