AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
3 daysUpgrading to version 1.0.1frealgagu
2019-11-08Upgrading to version 1.0.0frealgagu
2019-11-01Upgrading to version 0.41.0frealgagu
2019-10-15Upgrading to version 0.40.0frealgagu
2019-09-29Upgrading to version 0.39.0frealgagu
2019-09-13Upgrading to version 0.38.0frealgagu
2019-09-12Upgrading to version 0.37.1frealgagu
2019-08-30Upgrading to version 0.37.0frealgagu
2019-08-16Upgrading to version 0.36.0frealgagu
2019-08-03Upgrading to version 0.35.0frealgagu
2019-07-03Upgrading to version 0.33.0frealgagu
2019-07-01Upgrading to version 0.32.0, changing go-pie by go to avoid issues in compila...Fredy García
2019-06-18Upgrading to version 0.31.0frealgagu
2019-05-28Upgrading to version 0.30.0frealgagu
2019-05-10Upgrading to version 0.29.0frealgagu
2019-04-30Upgrading to version 0.28.0frealgagu
2019-04-12Upgrading to version 0.27.0frealgagu
2019-03-29Upgrading to version 0.26.0frealgagu
2019-03-20Upgrading to version 0.25.0frealgagu
2019-03-05Upgrading to version 0.24.0frealgagu
2019-02-15Upgrading to version 0.23.0frealgagu
2019-02-01Upgrading to version 0.22.0frealgagu
2019-01-27Updating commit number.frealgagu
2019-01-27Upgrading to version 0.21.1frealgagu
2018-12-23Upgrading to version 0.20.0frealgagu
2018-12-16Removing gopath in prepare stage before building.frealgagu
2018-12-07Adding docsFredy García
2018-12-01skaffold: typoMaxim Baz
2018-11-30Adding commit version number to built package.frealgagu
2018-11-30skaffold: 0.19.0Maxim Baz
2018-11-17Adding correct git commit and adding .tar.gz to source file.Fredy García
2018-11-14skaffold: compile from sources with RELRO, make reproducibleMaxim Baz
2018-11-12Upgrading to version 0.18.0Fredy García
2018-11-08Compiling in chroot.frealgagu
2018-10-29Upgrading to version 0.17.0frealgagu
2018-10-12Upgrading to version 0.16.0frealgagu
2018-10-03Upgrading to version 0.15.1frealgagu
2018-09-28Upgrading to version 0.15.0frealgagu
2018-09-15Upgrading to version 0.14.0Fredy García
2018-09-08Upgrading to version 0.13.0Fredy García
2018-08-19Upgrading to version 0.12.0Fredy García
2018-08-06Upgrading to version 0.11.0frealgagu
2018-07-17Upgrading to version 0.10.0frealgagu
2018-06-29Upgrading to version 0.9.0frealgagu
2018-06-29Upgrading to version 0.8.0frealgagu
2018-06-08Upgrading to version 0.7.0frealgagu
2018-05-25Upgrading to version 0.6.1frealgagu
2018-05-17Upgrading to version 0.6.0frealgagu
2018-04-24Upgrading to version 0.5.0frealgagu
2018-04-18Initial commitfrealgagu