AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-05-18upgpkg: skaffold v2.4.1Jerry Y. Chen
2023-03-31upgpkg: skaffold v2.3.0-2Jerry Y. Chen
2023-03-30upgpkg: skaffold v2.3.0Jerry Y. Chen
2023-03-09upgpkg: skaffold v2.0.10Jerry Y. Chen
2023-02-02upgpkg: skaffold v2.0.10Jerry Y. Chen
2022-12-22upgpkg: skaffold v2.0.4Jerry Y. Chen
2022-08-29upgpkg: skaffold v1.39.2Jerry Y. Chen
2022-07-02upgpkg: skaffold v1.39.1Jerry Y. Chen
2022-06-27upgpkg: skaffold v1.39.0Jerry Y. Chen
2022-06-13chore: change depends docker to optionalJerry Y. Chen
2022-06-13upgpkg: skaffold v1.38.0Jerry Y. Chen
2022-06-13upgpkg: skaffold v1.37.2Jerry Y. Chen
2022-06-13upgpkg: skaffold v1.37.1Jerry Y. Chen
2022-06-13upgpkg: skaffold v1.37.0Jerry Y. Chen
2021-10-28Updating Skaffold to v1.34.0Brad Erhart
2021-10-21Updating Skaffold to v1.33.1Brad Erhart
2021-10-07Updating Skaffold to v1.33.0Brad Erhart
2021-09-16Updating Skaffold to v1.32.0Brad Erhart
2021-09-02Updating Skaffold to v1.31.0Brad Erhart
2021-08-11Updating Skaffold to v1.30.0Brad Erhart
2021-08-02Updating Skaffold to v1.29.0Brad Erhart
2021-07-20Updating Skaffold to v1.28.1Brad Erhart
2021-07-15Updating Skaffold to v1.28.0Brad Erhart
2021-06-29Updating Skaffold to v1.27.0Brad Erhart
2021-06-15Updating Skaffold to v1.26.1Brad Erhart
2021-06-08Fixing Skaffold v1.26.0 b2sumBrad Erhart
2021-06-08Updating Skaffold to v1.26.0Brad Erhart
2021-05-28Updating Skaffold to v1.25.0Brad Erhart
2020-10-29Updating Skaffold to v1.16.0Brad Erhart
2020-09-30[security] Pkg update to v1.15.0aps42
2020-09-02[security] Pkg update to v1.14.0aps42
2020-08-20Updating Skaffold to v1.13.2Brad Erhart
2020-08-04Updating Skaffold to v1.13.1Brad Erhart
2020-08-03Updating Skaffold to v1.13.0Brad Erhart
2020-07-15[security] Pkg update to v1.12.1aps42
2020-06-26[security] Pkg update to v1.12.0aps42
2020-06-12[security] Pkg update to v1.11.0aps42
2020-05-20[security] Pkg update to v1.10.1aps42
2020-05-20[security] Pkg update to v1.10.0aps42
2020-05-07[security] Pkg update to v1.9.1Michael Beaumont
2020-05-06[security] Pkg update to v1.9.0Michael Beaumont
2020-04-18[security] Pkg update to v1.8.0aps42
2020-04-03[security] Pkg update to v1.7.0aps42
2020-03-20[security] Pkg update to v1.6.0aps42
2020-03-20Reverting to Skaffold to v1.5.0 due to bugBrad Erhart
2020-03-20Updating Skaffold to v1.6.0Brad Erhart
2020-03-06[security] Pkg update to v1.5.0aps42
2020-02-21[security] Pkg update to v1.4.0aps42
2020-02-01Updating Skaffold to v1.3.1Brad Erhart
2020-01-17[security] Pkg update to v1.2.0aps42