AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
41 hoursupdate package to version 3.2.8bemxio
2024-03-26use a valid SPDX license identifierbemxio
2024-02-19update the source URL once againbemxio
2024-01-20update the source URL again and set the arch to anybemxio
2024-01-19update the source URLbemxio
2023-12-26fix tye source URL being changed againbemxio
2023-12-20update package to version 3.2.5bemxio
2023-12-06remove unneccesary comma from the license variablebemxio
2023-12-06add the ToS as the license file and include a message before installationbemxio
2023-12-04update package to version 3.2.2bemxio
2023-12-02update package to version 3.2.1bemxio
2023-11-25update package to version 3.2bemxio
2023-11-16update the .SRCINFObemxio
2023-11-16fix the source URL and set an appropriate license for the packagebemxio
2023-10-08specify the minimum java runtime versionbemxio
2023-10-06update the package to version 3.1.2bemxio
2023-10-01add all package files to the repobemxio