AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-01-19fix build failure caused by vendoring issuesMoses Narrow
2022-01-04add git and .deb PKGBUILDSMoses Narrow
2020-12-21update architecturesMoses Narrow
2020-12-17update skycoinMoses Narrow
2020-11-07reformat PKGBUILD, change to the skycoin github repo (pending migration)Moses Narrow
2020-02-20deterministic build, revised signature checking & dependenciesMoses Narrow
2019-12-03update to version 0.27.0Moses Narrow
2019-10-19Change to new repo at ; implement signature checkin...Moses Narrow
2019-09-13fix arm64 buildMoses Narrow
2019-09-11change all instances of .net to .com. update discovery server address in skyw...Moses Narrow
2019-09-01fix buildMoses Narrow
2019-09-01skycoin now builds the latest versioned release from github ; skycoin-latest ...Moses Narrow
2019-08-21change maintainerMoses Narrow
2019-08-21change maintainerMoses Narrow
2019-05-21add systemd service, retarget pkgrelMoses Narrow
2019-05-20fix symlink namesMoses Narrow
2019-05-15now builds from the latest commits to developMoses Narrow
2019-04-08bump pkgrel; add fix for arm architectureMoses Narrow
2019-03-08first commit; added PKGBUILD & .SRCINFOMoses Narrow