AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-04-12Update to 4.25.0SuperITMan
2022-01-17Update to 4.23.0SuperITMan
2020-10-17Update to 4.10.3SuperITMan
2020-04-15update to 4.4.2SuperITMan
2020-04-15update to 4.3.2SuperITMan
2020-04-15adapt package info and fill new maintainerSuperITMan
2019-11-10update to 4.1.2Ben Isenhart
2019-10-28bump pkgrelBen Isenhart
2019-10-27update cssBen Isenhart
2019-10-15update to 4.1.1Ben Isenhart
2019-10-09change naming of slack-4 to be release-specificBen Isenhart
2019-10-08update cssBen Isenhart
2019-09-11update cssBen Isenhart
2019-08-25update cssBen Isenhart
2019-08-23update to 4.0.2Ben Isenhart
2019-08-20switch css repoBen Isenhart
2019-08-18switch to new cssBen Isenhart
2019-08-08update src infoBen Isenhart
2019-08-08update sha sumsBen Isenhart
2019-08-07skip sha256sum for cssBen Isenhart
2019-08-07update sha256sum for new cssBen Isenhart
2019-08-06update to 4.0.1Ben Isenhart
2019-07-29fix for 'Add Reaction' buttonBen Isenhart
2019-07-29temporary fix for 'Add Reaction' buttonBen Isenhart
2019-07-25add ttf-muli font as dependencyBen Isenhart
2019-07-25move asar to makedependsBen Isenhart
2019-07-24update to new cssBen Isenhart
2019-07-23pull css file directly from githubBen Isenhart
2019-07-23update black.css to v4.0.0 compatible cssBen Isenhart
2019-07-23update to 4.0.0Ben Isenhart
2019-07-16update maintainer infoBen Isenhart
2019-06-06Joy of joys, its 3.4.2Seamus Connor
2019-05-033.4.0Seamus Connor
2019-05-02Updated patched css to new sourceSeamus Connor
2019-04-28Syncronized w/ latest PKGBUILD from slack-desktopSeamus Connor
2019-03-19mergeSeamus Connor
2019-03-19 -> 3.3.8Seamus Connor
2019-03-16Referenced specific version of black.cssSeamus Connor
2019-03-11Error in checksums. This is why we test before we push.Seamus Connor
2019-03-11updated pkgrelSeamus Connor
2019-03-11Switched to as the theme providerSeamus Connor
2019-01-17Updated to 3.3.7Seamus Connor
2019-01-03forgot SRCINFOSeamus Connor
2019-01-03removed blue colors per GelmoSeamus Connor
2019-01-03Reformatted CSSSeamus Connor
2018-12-18Forgot to add the PKGBUILD to the last commitSeamus Connor
2018-12-18Initial CommitSeamus Connor