AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-03-20Bump to 1.5.1-1Jake Leahy
2024-03-18Bump to 1.5.0-1Jake Leahy
2024-02-04Bump to 1.4.1-1Jake Leahy
2024-02-01Bump to 1.4.0-1Jake Leahy
2023-12-02Bump to 1.3.2-1Jake Leahy
2023-11-29Bump to 1.3.1-1Jake Leahy
2023-11-12Bump to 1.3.0-1Jake Leahy
2023-10-03Bump to 1.2.2-1Jake Leahy
2023-09-20Bump to 1.2.1-1Jake Leahy
2023-09-04Bump to 1.2.0-1Jake Leahy
2023-07-10Bump to 1.1.1-1Jake Leahy
2023-06-27Bump to 1.1.0-1Jake Leahy
2023-04-26Update to 1.0.2Jake Leahy
2023-04-20bump 1.0.1Jake Leahy
2023-04-03Bump to 1.0.0Jake Leahy
2023-02-21Bump 0.3.5Jake Leahy
2023-01-26Bump to 0.3.4Jake Leahy
2022-12-16bump 0.3.3Jake Leahy
2022-11-29Update infoJake Leahy
2022-11-29bump 0.3.2Jake Leahy
2022-10-28Reset pkgrelJake Leahy
2022-10-28Bumped to 0.3.1Jake Leahy
2022-09-21Update informationJake Leahy
2022-09-21Put headers in correct folderJake Leahy
2022-09-21Added initial filesJake Leahy