AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-06-19Update to 0_99_7822 rel=1Tom van den Brink
2021-05-20Update to 0_99_7808 rel=1Tom van den Brink
2020-11-06Update to 0_99_7610 rel=1tomracing
2020-10-01Update to 0_99_7579 rel=1tomracing
2020-09-15Update to 0_99_7030 rel=3tomracing
2020-09-14Update to 0_99_7561 rel=1tomracing
2020-03-27Update to 0_99_7030 rel=2tomracing
2019-04-17Update to 0_99_7030 rel=1tomracing
2019-03-08Update to 0.99.7005-rel=1tomracing
2019-01-16Update to 0_99_6884 rel=3tomracing
2019-01-16fixed issues and updated url to smath.comtomracing
2018-11-10Update to 0_99_6884tomracing
2018-09-30Update to 0_99_6839tomracing
2018-04-09Update to pkg version 00_99_6671 do not open from terminal other than Xterm o...tomracing
2018-04-06reverted due to crash at startuptomracing
2018-04-06Update to version 99_6670tomracing
2018-04-06updated script and httpsTom van den Brink
2018-03-04Update to 0_99_6622Tom v/d Brink
2018-02-09fixed md5sum on 0_99_6611Tom v/d Brink
2018-02-09Update to 0_99_6611Tom v/d Brink
2017-10-04fixed 0_98_6484 and https serverTom v/d Brink
2017-10-04fixed revision numberTom v/d Brink
2017-10-04Update to 0_98_6484Tom v/d Brink
2017-07-24added script to githubTom v/d Brink
2017-02-22cleaned up the PKGBUILD after succesfull test phase with new source file methodTom v/d Brink
2017-02-22changed the src dir for the .desktop and .pngTom v/d Brink
2017-02-22first attempt at grabbing all files from source server, Thanks to JAKE for th...Tom v/d Brink
2017-02-21update to version 0.98.6179Tom v/d Brink
2016-10-18updated to version 0_98_6128Tom v/d Brink
2016-05-27removed giflib restriction after giflib 5.1.4 worksTom v/d Brink
2016-04-30update to 98.5935 and added maximum giflib dependency to smaller than 5.1.2Tom v/d Brink
2016-03-08fixed md5sum version 0_97_5890Tom v/d Brink
2016-03-08update to version 0_97_5890Tom v/d Brink
2016-01-10Initial importTom v/d Brink