AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-10-26v7.16.1Philipp A
2022-09-16makedepsPhilipp A
2022-09-09add wheel makedepPhilipp A
2022-09-05v7.14.0Philipp A
2022-05-28v7.8.0Philipp A
2022-03-15v7.2.1Philipp A
2022-01-17oopsPhilipp A
2022-01-17v6.13.1Philipp A
2021-12-18v6.12.3Philipp A
2021-06-06v6.4.1Philipp A
2021-05-03v6.3.0Philipp A
2021-03-04v6.0.2Philipp A
2021-01-04v5.31.1Philipp A
2020-10-02v5.26.1Philipp A
2020-08-25v5.23.0Philipp A
2020-06-16v5.19.2Philipp A
2020-05-31v5.18.1Philipp A
2020-05-18v5.17.0Philipp A
2020-01-27v5.10.0Philipp A
2019-10-15no pipPhilipp A
2019-10-15v5.7.0Philipp A
2019-09-10v5.6.0Philipp A
2019-04-28v5.4.5Philipp A
2019-03-04whoopsPhilipp A
2019-03-04.tar.gz from pypiPhilipp A
2019-02-19v5.4.2Philipp A
2019-01-21v5.4Philipp A
2018-12-07PKGDIR → PKGDIRPhilipp A
2018-12-07fixed name of python-easywebdavPhilipp A
2018-12-07optdependsPhilipp A
2018-12-07v5.3.1Philipp A
2018-11-23v5.3.0Philipp A
2018-09-02depsPhilipp A
2018-09-02v5.2.2Philipp A
2018-02-05edit pythonpath so pkg_resources doesn’t find the old versionPhilipp A
2018-02-01added bash completionPhilipp A
2018-02-01prettifiedPhilipp A
2018-02-01v4.5.1Philipp A
2017-10-30Update to version 4.3.0Kyle Meyer
2017-10-22Update to version 4.2.0Kyle Meyer
2017-10-08Update to version 4.1.0Kyle Meyer
2017-07-25Update to version 4.0.0Kyle Meyer
2017-03-21Update to version 3.11.2Kyle Meyer
2017-03-01Update to version 3.10.2Kyle Meyer
2017-02-09Update to version 3.10.1Kyle Meyer
2016-12-24snakemake: Update to version 3.9.1Kyle Meyer
2016-11-15Update to version 3.9.0Kyle Meyer
2016-10-20Update to version 3.8.2Kyle Meyer
2016-08-29Update to version 3.8.0Kyle Meyer
2016-05-17snakemake: Update to version 3.7.1Kyle Meyer