AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-10-04upgpkg: snapd-git 2.42.r264.gf0a24204a4-1Maciek Borzecki
2019-06-24upgpkg: snapd-git 2.39.3.r1054.g7bfef89749-1Maciek Borzecki
2019-06-06upgpkg: snapd-git 2.39.2.r779.ge4fc94a945-1Maciek Borzecki
2019-05-06upgpkg: snapd-git 2.39.r276.g709de6e592-1Maciek Borzecki
2019-01-30upgpkg: snapd-git 2.37.1.r344.g201220f8b-1Maciek Borzecki
2019-01-21upgpkg: snapd-git 2.37.r177.ge10eb837f-1Maciek Borzecki
2018-12-18upgpkg: snapd-git 2.36.3.r1212.g7f00054c5-1Maciek Borzecki
2018-11-13upgpkg: snapd-git 2.36.1.r471.g43d2f6acb-1Maciek Borzecki
2018-10-08upgpkg: snapd-git 2.35.4.r1435.g9e7ba8ed9-1, enable AppArmorMaciek Borzecki
2018-09-14upgpkg: snapd-git 2.35.2.r963.g10c425400-1Maciek Borzecki
2018-07-23snapd: bump base version to 2.34.2.r331.gc6ce33127Maciek Borzecki
2018-06-11snapd: bump base version to 2.33.r344.g73867dc22Maciek Borzecki
2018-05-21snapd: bump base version to 2.32.9.r1192.g045373ab9Maciek Borzecki
2018-05-15snapd: bump base version to 2.32.8.r955.g7d95441ddMaciek Borzecki
2018-05-07snapd: bump base version to 2.32.6.r881.g7b274118bMaciek Borzecki
2018-04-18snapd: bump base version to 2.32.5.r734.gd79c34ba4Maciek Borzecki
2018-04-18snapd: switch to building with go instead of go-pieMaciek Borzecki
2018-04-16snapd: bump base version to 2.32.5.r657.gf5f7ee6f8Maciek Borzecki
2018-04-12snapd: bump base version to 2.32.3.r621.g3da8170edMaciek Borzecki
2018-04-03snapd: bump base version to 2.32.1.r503.ge028b7774Maciek Borzecki
2018-04-03snapd: fix typo in generators pathMaciek Borzecki
2018-03-29snapd: bump base versionMaciek Borzecki
2018-03-29snapd: force TMPDIR=/tmp when running C code unit testsMaciek Borzecki
2018-03-29snapd: move snapd-generator to systemd generators directoryMaciek Borzecki
2018-02-26snapd: bump base version, drop /snap symlink, sync with snapd recipeMaciek Borzecki
2018-02-21snapd: add python-docutils to makedepends, bump base versionMaciek Borzecki
2018-02-19snapd: drop seccomp patch, bump base versionMaciek Borzecki
2018-02-12snapd: bump base version, patch snap-seccomp to remove libseccomp/pkg-configMaciek Borzecki
2018-02-08snapd: sync with snapd, bump base version, cleanup the PKGBUILDMaciek Borzecki
2018-02-08snapd: bump base version, drop python-docutils from makedependsMaciek Borzecki
2018-02-02snapd: create /var/lib/snapd/lib/{gl32,vulkan}, remove redundant rulesMaciek Borzecki
2018-02-01snapd: properly set SNAP_MOUNT_DIR when installing systemd unit filesMaciek Borzecki
2018-01-26snapd: drop checkdepends, checks that depend on those tools are disabled anywayMaciek Borzecki
2018-01-22snapd: bump version, allow armv7/aarch64/i686, use go-pieMaciek Borzecki
2018-01-11PKGBUILD: ship polkit policy file, bump base pkgver, update maintainers/contr...Maciek Borzecki
2017-12-08snapd-git: update packagingMaciek Borzecki
2017-11-17snapd-git: initial packaging of -git package, based on upstream arch packagingMaciek Borzecki