AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-08-25Update to v1.63Tobias Borgert
2022-08-24Update to v1.62Tobias Borgert
2022-08-23Updated depends and makedepends. Thanks go to yochananmarqos.Tobias Borgert
2022-08-23Update to v1.61Tobias Borgert
2022-05-28Update to v1.60Tobias Borgert
2021-05-25update to 1.591Conan
2020-05-12add vala to makedepends1Conan
2020-05-06fix depends1Conan
2020-05-04Update to 1.571Conan
2018-12-20Update to 1.45 and append -j1 to make installMitchell Renouf
2018-10-18set make to -j1, remove git as dep, remove stray pgp keyMitchell Renouf
2018-10-17change source to launchpad for PGP and sha256Mitchell Renouf
2018-10-17inital commitMitchell Renouf