AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-09-19update to 1.2.7Luis Martinez
2022-07-25update to 1.2.6Luis Martinez
2022-05-26update to 1.2.4Luis Martinez
2022-05-20update to 1.2.3Luis Martinez
2022-04-14update to 1.2.2Luis Martinez
2022-02-09update to 1.2.1Luis Martinez
2022-02-03update to 1.2.0Luis Martinez
2022-01-10update to 1.1.2Luis Martinez
2021-12-19update to 1.1.1Luis Martinez
2021-12-14update to 1.1.0Luis Martinez
2021-12-11update to 1.0.6Luis Martinez
2021-11-17remove whitespaceLuis Martinez
2021-11-17update to 1.0.5Luis Martinez
2021-11-16update to 1.0.4Luis Martinez
2021-11-07update to 1.0.3Luis Martinez
2021-10-28update to 1.0.2Luis Martinez
2021-10-26update to 1.0.1Luis Martinez
2021-10-09update to 1.0.0Luis Martinez
2021-09-12update to 0.5.10Luis Martinez
2021-08-31update in accordance to updated Rust packaging guidelinesLuis Martinez
2021-08-04change emailLuis Martinez
2021-07-13add replaces for phasing out legacy packageLuis Martinez
2021-07-12add pgp keysLuis Martinez
2021-07-02change depends to neovim 0.5.0Luis Martinez
2021-06-29update to 0.5.9Luis Martinez
2021-06-07update to 0.5.8Luis Martinez
2021-05-21update to 0.5.7Luis Martinez
2021-05-10update to 0.5.6Luis Martinez
2021-05-05update to 0.5.5Luis Martinez
2021-05-01update to 0.5.4Luis Martinez
2021-04-24update to 0.5.3Luis Martinez
2021-04-11fix g++ optdependslmartinez-mirror
2021-04-11small fixeslmartinez-mirror
2021-04-11initial commitlmartinez-mirror