AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-09-18Update to latest OpenAppID DetectorsAmish
2019-08-03Update to
2019-07-19Update to 2.9.14Amish
2019-04-13Update to 2.9.13Amish
2019-04-06OpenAppID updated to v319Amish
2018-10-20Implement OpenAppIDAmish
2018-10-20Update to 2.9.12Amish
2018-04-11Simplify package building and try to do some cool stuff!Amish
2018-01-28Update to
2017-10-14Update to 2.9.11Amish
2017-06-07Dont package emergingthreats rules as many antiviruses detect them as trojan.Amish
2017-06-03change depends to libdaq-nfqueueAmish
2017-06-03change depends to libdaq-nfqueueAmish
2017-03-04Update to
2015-12-13Update to
2015-07-19Initial importAmish