AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-01-22Update to 5.7.0Damien Guihal
2020-08-17Initscript updateDamien Guihal
2020-07-29Update to 5.6.0 versionDamien Guihal
2019-03-07Update soapui start scriptDamien Guihal
2019-03-04Upgrade to 5.5.0Damien Guihal
2018-05-08Change soapui workdir and logdirDamien Guihal
2018-01-25Add optionnal dependency on openjfxDamien Guihal
2017-12-18Fix to dependencies : Needs Jdk8 or moreDamien Guihal
2017-12-03Fix startup scriptDamien Guihal
2017-12-03Update to 5.4.0Damien Guihal
2017-09-06Fix SRCINFODamien Guihal
2017-01-05Upgrade soapui 5.3.0Damien Guihal
2016-03-21Add execute flags to some scriptsDamien Guihal
2015-11-07Bumbed to 5.2.1Damien Guihal
2015-07-28Fixes for 5.2.0Damien Guihal
2015-07-15Syntax + Bump v5.2.0Damien Guihal
2015-06-10Fix for dependencies and licenceDamien Guihal
2015-06-09initial importDamien Guihal