AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-10-17Depend on libidn11 in communityWorMzy Tykashi
2018-09-17pkgrel bump for libidn changeWorMzy Tykashi
2018-09-17Depend on compat packages for libidnWorMzy Tykashi
2017-03-13Updated to revision 765WorMzy Tykashi
2017-03-08Updated for v763WorMzy Tykashi
2016-05-26Update to revision 757jdarch
2016-05-26Update to revision 757jdarch
2016-03-03Update to revision 752jdarch
2016-01-17Update to fix the language selection scriptjdarch
2016-01-17Update to correct the Langenscheidt dictionary file namejdarch
2015-12-10Update checksums to reflect changes to the software archive, relocation of so...jdarch
2015-12-09Update to 2016.749jdarch
2015-11-30Update to package filesjdarch
2015-11-28Update to correct the checksum of the Presentations startup scriptjdarch
2015-11-28Update to correct error in Presentations startup scriptjdarch
2015-11-21Initial importjdarch
2015-11-21Initial importjdarch