AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-11-06soh-otr-*: add --portVerAltoXorg
2023-06-14soh-otr-*: remove the needing of Extract dirAltoXorg
2023-06-04soh-otr-*: disable header genAltoXorg
2023-01-23soh-otr-*: replace grep on pkgverAltoXorg
2022-12-09OTR pkgs: replace simple versioning scheme with exporter's versionAltoXorg
2022-12-09Update for OTR pkgs due to SoH commit 274c12fAltoXorg
2022-12-07update to rebuild due to SoH commit 1a9898bAltoXorg
2022-11-03update to rebuild otr with new texturesAltoXorg
2022-10-18small fix extract dirAltoXorg
2022-10-13assets/game -> assets/game/*AltoXorg