AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-01-17add missing dependency `glm`Maxs1789
2018-12-23Update to 1.6.0Maxs1789
2018-12-11fix the directory name extracted from the archiveMaxs1789
2018-12-01fix gitlab link to the archiveMaxs1789
2018-12-01moving from github to gitlabMaxs1789
2017-05-13Update to 1.5.3Maxs1789
2016-11-30Update to 1.5.1Maxs1789
2016-11-07Fix missing initial quest assetsMaxs1789
2016-08-06Update to 1.5.0Maxs1789
2015-11-24Update to 1.4.5-1Maxs1789
2015-08-20Update to 1.4.4-1Maxs1789
2015-08-14Update to 1.4.3-1Maxs1789
2015-07-10fix the `.SRCINFO`.Maxs1789
2015-07-10First commit. (v1.4.2)Maxs1789