AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-07-03Patched soundcard/Makefile to not include kernel-headersEdmund
2024-07-03Fixed CFLAGS for soundcard, no longer using linux-headersEdmund
2024-07-02upgpkg: solfege 3.23.4-10lquidfire
2024-06-04Added more optdepends for playback within SolfegeEdmund
2024-06-04Added install file with instructions for soundEdmund
2024-06-04Updated license description and added dependenciesEdmund
2024-03-20Adding .SRCINFOChristian Heusel
2023-04-07rebuild with python 3.11Felix Yan
2021-12-03Python 3.10 rebuildFelix Yan
2020-11-12Python 3.9 rebuildFelix Yan
2020-03-12Add missing documentation, use itstool instead of deprecated gnome-doc-utilsBalló György
2020-01-31Adding python-cairo to depends (FS#65319).David Runge
2019-11-10Python 3.8 rebuildEvangelos Foutras
2019-11-10Adding upstream patches (as mentioned in previous commit).David Runge
2019-11-10Updating maintainer info. Adding a few patches from Debian to fix several inc...David Runge
2019-08-31upgpkg: 3.23.4-1David Runge
2018-06-05Adding to pro-audio group.David Runge
2018-01-11Moving modifications to prepare(). Fixing static python shebang.David Runge
2018-01-11upgpkg: 3.22.2-3David Runge
2017-11-15Remove i686 from arch=()Evangelos Foutras
2013-10-09remove legacy dep on libgtkhtml; closes FS#37273Ray Rashif
2013-10-08upstream releaseRay Rashif
2013-06-29upstream releaseRay Rashif
2013-01-15upstream releaseRay Rashif
2012-10-25Revert r78782: Full pkgdesc cleanup for 2339 packagesEvangelos Foutras
2012-10-24Full pkgdesc cleanup for 2339 packagesAlexander Rødseth
2012-08-08Fixed FS31058 - Added librsvg as dep - Upstream releaseGiovanni Scafora
2012-03-17signing rebuildGiovanni Scafora
2011-10-27upstream release; removed changelogRay Rashif
2011-09-26upstream release; still has buildtime problem w/ lilypondRay Rashif
2011-09-12upstream releaseRay Rashif
2011-06-18upstream release; some ammendments; see changelogRay Rashif
2011-06-08upstream releaseRay Rashif
2011-03-16upstream releaseRay Rashif
2010-10-13upgpkg: solfege 3.18.3 -> 3.18.4Ray Rashif
2010-10-11solfege: fix for build issueRay Rashif
2010-10-09upgpkg: solfege 3.17.0 -> 3.18.3Ray Rashif
2010-10-01solfege: (re)updated to latest upstream releaseRay Rashif
2010-09-27added bug report linkRay Rashif
2010-09-27Added debugging stuffRay Rashif
2010-09-26Added new pkg: ardourvst (i686-only)Ray Rashif
2010-09-24update to previous upstream release; latest does not build; already rebuilt f...Ray Rashif
2010-09-24upgpkg: solfege 3.16.3 -> 3.17.0Ray Rashif
2010-09-18more python rebuildsJakob Gruber
2010-07-15Added build fix for swig 2.0.0Eric Bélanger
2010-05-20solfege: minor upstream updateRay Rashif
2010-05-05solfege: 3.16.1 -> 3.16.2Ray Rashif
2010-04-19solfege -> 3.16.1Ray Rashif
2009-12-05update to 3.15.4 and fix FS#17267Ionuț Mircea Bîru
2009-09-08Update to 3.15.2Corrado Primier