AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-03-27Update to v3.0.6.1196.Donald Webster
2021-03-08Update to v3.0.5.1144.Donald Webster
2020-03-15Update to Egeberg
2019-08-17Update to Egeberg
2019-03-25Update to Egeberg
2019-03-22Update to Egeberg
2019-01-24Update to Egeberg
2018-10-09Update to Egeberg
2018-07-13Remove nzbdrone stuffDaniel Egeberg
2018-06-28Update to Egeberg
2018-06-21Update to Egeberg
2018-03-18Update to Egeberg
2018-03-08Forgot to update sha512sumsDaniel Egeberg
2018-03-08Add KillMode and Restart to service fileDaniel Egeberg
2018-03-08Remove MONO_TLS_PROVIDERDaniel Egeberg
2018-03-01Update to Egeberg
2017-12-07Update to Egeberg
2017-11-06Update to Egeberg
2017-08-14Move MONO_TLS_PROVIDER to the systemd service fileDaniel Egeberg
2017-08-14Update to Egeberg
2017-08-03Update to Egeberg
2017-08-03Update to Egeberg
2017-08-02Update to Egeberg
2017-07-05Switch the TLS provider back to legacyDaniel Egeberg
2017-07-04Update to Egeberg
2017-05-27Switch to sysusersDaniel Egeberg
2017-05-15Add MONO_TLS_PROVIDER=legacy for mono 5 compatibilityDaniel Egeberg
2017-05-13Update to Egeberg
2017-04-06Update to Egeberg
2017-03-08Update to Egeberg
2017-02-21Update to Egeberg
2017-01-02Update to Egeberg
2016-12-10Update to Egeberg
2016-11-27Update to Egeberg
2016-11-06Update to Egeberg
2016-11-01Update to Egeberg
2016-10-28Update to Egeberg
2016-09-14Update to Egeberg
2016-09-11Update to Egeberg
2016-09-07Use HTTPS URLsDaniel Egeberg
2016-07-06Update to Egeberg
2016-05-12Update to Egeberg
2016-04-03Remove sonarr.install from source/sha512sums directive.Daniel Egeberg
2016-03-14Correct missing hash updateDaniel Egeberg
2016-03-14Forgot to run mksrcinfoDaniel Egeberg
2016-03-14Only update user:group ownership of /var/lib/sonarr if existing install was n...Daniel Egeberg
2016-03-14Remove redundant checksums and only keep sha512Daniel Egeberg
2016-03-12Update to Egeberg
2016-01-16Add .gitignoreDaniel Egeberg
2016-01-16Update to Egeberg