AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-07-10Update to v2.0.0.5337.Donald Webster
2019-05-31Conflict w/ sonarr-phantom.Donald Webster
2019-03-24Update to v2.0.0.5321.Donald Webster
2019-03-08Update to v2.0.0.5318.Donald Webster
2019-02-07Update to v2.0.0.5303.Donald Webster
2019-01-23Update to v2.0.0.5298.Donald Webster
2019-01-07Update to v2.0.0.5294.Donald Webster
2018-11-21Update to v2.0.0.5277.Donald Webster
2018-11-05Update to v2.0.0.5270.Donald Webster
2018-10-23Update to v2.0.0.5251.Donald Webster
2018-09-18Update to v2.0.0.5250.Donald Webster
2018-09-09Add -online and wants.Donald Webster
2018-08-28Add --debug flag to mono for better troubleshooting.Donald Webster
2018-08-19Update to v2.0.0.5245.Donald Webster
2018-08-14Update to v2.0.0.5243.Donald Webster
2018-07-23Update to v2.0.0.5241.Donald Webster
2018-07-13Remove the old nzbdrone stuff.Donald Webster
2018-07-12Re-add conflicts and replaces.Donald Webster
2018-07-12Add back TimeoutStopSec.Donald Webster
2018-07-12Switch to recommended Restart and KillMode.Donald Webster
2018-07-12Fiddle maintainer/contributor.Donald Webster
2018-07-12Switch to tmpfiles for permissions, format install file.Donald Webster
2018-07-12Fix up optdepends, clean up package().Donald Webster
2018-07-12Switch to hard coded version, sha256sum and https.Donald Webster
2018-07-12Remove, run it directly from service file.Donald Webster
2016-06-12Update to: - Skip checksum on downloadJustin Dray
2016-06-05Update to: - Change to using systemd-sysuersJustin Dray
2016-01-01Update to new download locationJustin Dray
2015-07-22Update to: Dray
2015-06-09Update to: Dray
2015-05-28Cleaned up organization for arch packages in prep for aur4Justin Dray