AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
14 daysUpgrade to 0.15.3j.r
2022-06-25upgpkg: sonixd 0.15.2-1j.r
2022-04-22upgpkg: sonixd 0.15.1-1j.r
2022-04-18sonixd: use node version 16j.r
2022-04-17sonixd: upgrade to 0.15.0j.r
2022-03-15sonixd: upgrade to 0.14.0j.r
2022-02-18sonixd: fix build if only electron13 is installedj.r
2022-02-17sonixd: upgrade to 0.13.1j.r
2022-02-06sonixd: upgrade to 0.12.1j.r
2022-02-01sonixd: upgrade to 0.12.0j.r
2022-01-18sonixd: ensure nvmj.r
2022-01-18sonixd: add desktop entryj.r
2022-01-18sonixd: Initial upload: 0.11.0j.r