AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-11-25update SRCINFOHauke Wesselmann
2020-11-25update to spark 2.9.4Hauke Wesselmann
2020-08-28version bump to 2.9.1Hauke Wesselmann
2018-03-12Use deb archive without JRE (uses Arch JRE)Amish
2017-02-27Version update to v2.8.3ArthurBorsboom
2016-12-13Updated Spark to v2.8.2ArthurBorsboom
2016-11-08Updated version to 2.8.1Arthur Borsboom
2016-07-04Updated package to v2.7.7ArthurBorsboom
2016-03-16Also raise the version number in the packageArthurBorsboom
2016-03-16Updated Spark client to version 2.7.6ArthurBorsboom
2015-11-10Updated package to v2.7.3ArthurBorsboom
2015-06-12Initial importArthurBorsboom