AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-07-12bump to v1.0.3brent s
2018-11-17updating to 1.0.1brent s
2018-10-10update to v1.0.0brent s
2018-04-15updating to 0.6brent s
2017-11-19rel4 bump - minor cleanupsbrent s
2017-11-18thanks zack - finally cleaned up quite a bit. -git being fixed shortly, rel3 ...brent s
2017-11-12vast improvements/suggestions from upstream - thanks, zack!brent s
2017-10-23updating to 0.5brent s
2016-10-12updating to 0.4brent s
2016-06-25adding information for bug tracker, news, etc.brent s
2016-04-07updating gitignoresbrent s
2016-04-07resigning...brent s
2016-04-06recs from upstreambrent s
2016-04-06GPG support donebrent s
2016-04-06adding gitignore, updating to sha512sumsbrent s
2016-04-04cleaning up from failed buildsbrent s
2016-04-03data files might helpbrent s
2016-04-03fixing some path issuesbrent s
2016-04-03bahbrent s
2016-04-03adding to install noticebrent s
2016-04-03fixing some issues with AUR helpersbrent s
2016-04-03oops, missed some ownershipsbrent s
2016-04-03initial commit - 0.2brent s