AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-01-252.0.10, remove boost.patchBjoern Franke
2019-01-23patch for building with boost 1.69Bjoern Franke
2019-01-07remove log4cxx-patch completelyBjoern Franke
2019-01-07remove patch for log4cxxBjoern Franke
2019-01-03update to 2.0.9 and update descBjoern Franke
2018-07-25Patch spectrum so that newer versions of log4cxx workMohammed Yaseen Mowzer
2018-07-21Pin log4cxx version to prevent missing semicolon compile errorMohammed Yaseen Mowzer
2018-05-04Bump version from 2.0.5 to 2.0.7Mohammed Yaseen Mowzer
2018-02-06Add gconf to makedepends and qt4 and gconf to optdependsMohammed Yaseen Mowzer
2018-02-04Add flag so that Spectrum compiles with Swift 4Mohammed Yaseen Mowzer
2017-08-24Update to spectrum 2.0.5Mohammed Yaseen Mowzer
2017-08-24Add qt4 as a build dependencyMohammed Yaseen Mowzer
2017-06-04Bump release versionMohammed Yaseen Mowzer
2017-06-04Specify libcommuni include dirMohammed Yaseen Mowzer
2016-11-28Add libevent as a build dependencyMohammed Yaseen Mowzer
2016-07-21Incorporate Thomas Fanninger (fanningert) changesmoyamo
2016-04-09Manually install spectrum_manager.cfgmoyamo
2016-04-09Bump version to 2.0.3moyamo
2016-02-14Update to 2.0.2moyamo
2016-01-22Initial commitmoyamo