AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-01-02base `pkgver` on the tags, matching `spirv-tools` in [extra]Eric Engestrom
2021-01-02build the shared objects instead of the static archivesEric Engestrom
2021-01-02build out-of-treeEric Engestrom
2021-01-02add package `check()`Eric Engestrom
2021-01-02build & install using `ninja` instead of `make`Eric Engestrom
2021-01-02one sha1sum per lineEric Engestrom
2021-01-02make .gitignore genericEric Engestrom
2018-12-13bump because the package had been broken for a while :/Eric Engestrom
2016-04-23fix after upstream path change - update to r520.9166854Eric Engestrom
2016-02-18added `conflicts`Eric Engestrom
2016-02-16added `provides`Eric Engestrom
2016-02-16added missing URL and descriptionEric Engestrom
2016-02-16initial commit - r436.dd8a661Eric Engestrom