AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-05-20New upstream releaseRobin Candau
2024-02-22upgpkg: spotify 1: Heusel
2024-02-22upgpkg: spotify 1: Heusel
2024-02-18upgpkg: spotify 1: Heusel
2024-01-24reference new signing keyChristian Heusel
2023-12-06revert wrongly added checksumsChristian Heusel
2023-12-06upgpkg: spotify 1: Heusel
2023-11-22upgpkg: spotify 1: Candau
2023-11-20upgpkg: spotify 1: Candau
2023-10-10upgpkg: spotify 1: Heusel
2023-09-14upgpkg: spotify 1: fix quoting for custom flags (#5)Christian Heusel
2023-09-13Linting + Add a launcher script that allows the use of custom flagsRobin Candau
2023-09-08upgpkg: spotify 1: Heusel
2023-08-29upgpkg: spotify 1: Heusel
2023-06-20upgpkg: spotify 1: Heusel
2023-03-03Correct all the messup from previos co-maintenanceNicoHood
2023-02-09Removed excess dependenciesTobFromme
2023-02-08Moved back to GPG instructions insteadTobFromme
2023-02-08Add gpg function, which automatically prompts the user to import the key, if ...TobFromme
2023-01-27Update PGP key instructions during buildTobFromme
2023-01-27Add PGP key instructions during buildTobFromme
2023-01-27Update PGP key instructionsTobFromme
2023-01-27Update PGP key instructionsTobFromme
2023-01-25Update PGP keyTobFromme
2023-01-25Update PGP keyTobFromme
2023-01-25Update checksumsTobFromme
2023-01-25Update checksumsTobFromme
2023-01-06Fix package permissionsNicoHood
2023-01-01Fix spotify buildNicoHood
2022-06-09Update support for local playback filesNicoHood
2021-12-06Fix pkgbuildNicoHood
2021-12-06Fix spotify opening URLsNicoHood
2021-12-05Update GPG keyNicoHood
2021-11-12Update to
2021-03-23Update dependenciesNicoHood
2021-03-23Removed 32bit leftoversNicoHood
2021-03- and switch to gtk3NicoHood
2021-03-18Update, uses testing repositoryNicoHood
2020-10-18Remove outdated GPG keysNicoHood
2020-10-18Updated GPG checkNicoHood
2020-10-14Fixed checksum issueNicoHood
2020-10-01Update to