AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-08-22Update .SRCINFOMageJohn
2019-08-22Bump pkgrelMageJohn
2019-08-22Symlink the spotify binMageJohn
2017-06-17Line up with the latest script from spotify packageMageJohn
2017-04-27Update .SRCINFOMageJohn
2017-04-27Update hashesMageJohn
2017-04-27Update the launch scriptMageJohn
2017-01-12Fix trying to install the old .desktop file.MageJohn
2017-01-12Rename the .desktop file to remove the spaces and parentheses.MageJohn
2017-01-12Update .SRCINFO for last commit.MageJohn
2017-01-12Add the branch to the git source lineMageJohn
2017-01-12Initial commitMageJohn