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2024-02-29update to Vanmullem
2023-12-13update to Vanmullem
2023-11-23update to Vanmullem
2023-10-16update to Vanmullem
2023-10-05update dependenciesJan Vanmullem
2023-09-11update to Vanmullem
2023-06-27update srcinfo to Vanmullem
2023-06-27update to Vanmullem
2023-04-25update to Vanmullem
2023-04-03update to Vanmullem
2023-03-29update to, update deps and remove gpg checksJan Vanmullem
2022-11- Vanmullem
2022-05-04update to Vanmullem
2022-03-15updates to Vanmullem
2022-02-01updates spotify gpg signing keyJan Vanmullem
2022-02-01updates spotify gpg signing keyJan Vanmullem
2021-11-16updates to Vanmullem
2021-11-16updates to Vanmullem
2021-09-21updates to Vanmullem
2021-09-17updates to Vanmullem
2021-09-04updates to Vanmullem
2021-04-15update to Vanmullem
2021-03-26updates to Vanmullem
2021-03-26updates to + updates dependenciesJan Vanmullem
2020-10-31fixes gpg validation of release file & updates gpg keyJan Vanmullem
2020-10-01re-enables spotify repo hash validations as spotify updated its repo filesJan Vanmullem
2020-09-17update to - repo files still outdatedJan Vanmullem
2020-02-19update to + disables validations from debian repo release files as...Jan Vanmullem
2019-07-18update to Vanmullem
2019-05-01update to Vanmullem
2019-03-31we provide spotifyJan Vanmullem
2019-02-19adds packaging for spotify-dev Vanmullem