AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-05-05Upgrade to version 4.18.1Musikolo
2023-03-15Upgrade to version 4.18.0Musikolo
2023-02-01Upgrade to version 4.17.2Musikolo
2023-01-03Upgrade to version 4.17.1Musikolo
2022-12-07Upgrade to version 4.17.0Musikolo
2022-10-26Fix grep warning: stray \ before -Musikolo
2022-10-26Upgrade to version 4.16.1Musikolo
2022-09-16Upgrade to version 4.16.0Musikolo
2022-08-12Upgrade to version 4.15.3Musikolo
2022-08-04Upgrade to version 4.15.2Musikolo
2022-06-18Upgrade to version 4.15.1Musikolo
2022-06-15Upgrade to version 4.15.0Musikolo
2022-04-29Update to version 4.14.1Musikolo
2022-03-16Update to version 4.14.0Musikolo
2022-02-02Update to version 4.13.1Musikolo
2021-12-08Update to version 4.13.0Musikolo
2021-10-27Update to version 4.12.1Musikolo
2021-09-16Update to version 4.12.0Musikolo
2021-08-18Update to version 4.11.1Musikolo
2021-07-11Update checksum of desktop file. Bump release number.Musikolo
2021-07-03Strip blanks in StartupWMClass to solve issues in GnomeMusikolo
2021-06-26Update to version 4.11.0Musikolo
2021-03-20Update to version 4.1.0Musikolo
2020-12-16Keep -javaagent options, if any, while upgradingMusikolo
2020-12-16Update to version 4.9.0Musikolo
2020-10-28Update to version 4.8.1Musikolo
2020-09-20Install STS in version agnostic pathMusikolo
2020-09-20Update to version 4.8.0Musikolo
2020-08-03Add version-agnostic pathMusikolo
2020-08-03Update to version 4.7.1Musikolo
2020-06-19 Update to version 4.7.0Musikolo
2020-06-11Update to version 4.6.2Musikolo
2020-04-24Update to version 4.6.1Musikolo
2020-03-22Update to version 4.6.0Musikolo
2020-02-03Update to version 4.5.1Musikolo
2019-12-23Update to version 4.5.0Musikolo
2019-11-26Update to version 4.4.2Musikolo
2019-10-24Update to version 4.4.1Musikolo
2019-09-20Update to version 4.4.0Musikolo
2019-08-16Update to version 4.3.2Musikolo
2019-07-23Update to version 4.3.1Musikolo
2019-07-05Update to version 4.3.0Musikolo
2019-06-20Update to version 4.2.2Musikolo
2019-05-07Update to version 4.2.1Musikolo
2019-04-03Update to version 4.2.0Musikolo
2019-02-26Update to version 4.1.2Musikolo
2019-01-27Update to version 4.1.1. Minor fix on desktop file for Gnome desktopsMusikolo
2019-01-13Add .SRCINFO fileMusikolo
2019-01-13Fix Gnome dashboard issue by adding StartupWMClass entry to .desktop fileMusikolo
2018-12-29Update to version 4.1.0Musikolo