AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-08-29Upgraded to 3.2.1Piotr Rogoża
2016-11-04sqlitestudio was upgraded to 3.1.1Piotr Rogoża
2016-10-26qtchooser was replaced by qt5-basePiotr Rogoża
2016-09-24Removed sqlitestudio.install from versioningPiotr Rogoża
2016-09-24Changed INCLDUEPATH depending on gcc versionPiotr Rogoża
2016-06-13Upgrade package to 3.1.0Piotr Rogoża
2015-11-27Upgraded sqlitestudio to 3.0.7Piotr Rogoża
2015-10-10Removed gcc-libs from depends as already satisfiedPiotr Rogoża
2015-10-09Added patches from Romzetron for qt 5.5. See Rogoża
2015-06-14Initial importPiotr Rogoża