AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-04-30Update to release v1.4.2Randall Winkhart
2023-04-02Update to v1.4.1Randall Winkhart
2023-03-04Update to v1.4.0Randall Winkhart
2022-12-14Update to v1.3.0Randall Winkhart
2022-11-06Update .SRCINFORandall Winkhart
2022-11-06Update to v1.2.0Randall Winkhart
2022-08-27Update to release v1.1.2Randall
2022-07-21Update to v1.1.1Randall
2022-07-14Release v1.1.0Randall
2022-06-21Update to stable release 1.0.1Randall Winkhart
2022-06-20Update to stable release v1.0.0Randall Winkhart
2022-02-16Update to stable release fr4.7Cuan
2022-02-16Update to stable release fr4.3Cuan
2022-01-26Updated to release fr3.4Cuan
2022-01-17Update to fr3.3Cuan
2022-01-13Rollback to last working version until fr3 is fixedCuan
2022-01-13Update to 2022.01.13.fr3Cuan
2022-01-10Initial upload, v2022.01.10.fr2.3Cuan